The Artist and the Artworks

Gilson Lavis
"In recent years I have been fortunate to engage in creating artworks. I have been in the privileged position of working with some of the most incredible international artists and performers. This has provided me with a unique opportunity to paint and sketch these talented people and hopefuly capture the essence of their gifts. I hope you enjoy them"
Gilson Lavis

Colour Splash!

Paintings with a splash of colour.

British Drummers

Some of the great british drummers.

The Walking Dead

Created for a Walking Dead Convention.

Classic Amercian Drummers

The Cult Series

The Conflict Series

Music Legends

Signed by...

Signed by the subject, either on the front, or the rear of the painting.

The Stones

Worked with

Artists that I have had the pleasure of working with.

Entertainment Legends

Legends of comedy, entertainment & sport.